We ensure full range of services starting from consultations and development of system construction principles to their implementation in a warehouse or a production unit, as well as equipment delivery within the framework of the project.

Automation of production processes and movement of goods processes in a warehouse ensure significant decrease in the number of errors related to staff qualification that in turn leads to simplified technological processes, as well as faster movement of goods and receipt of operative information and reports.

We offer the best manufacturers’ equipment for automation of production and warehouse complexes:

  • Bar code scanners: a wide range of radio scanners indispensable for warehouse activities;
  • Label printers: ensure as fast as possible labeling of produced products or completed cargo;
  • Portable data terminals: indispensable help when conducting inventory and accepting or delivering goods;
  • POS periphery and many other types of equipment.

Our specialists have developed CITYSOFTWarehouseWin and CITYSOFTWarehouseDos software allowing for integration of data terminals in accounting and management systems on 1C platform, as well as in any other system. The developed software enables a company to completely automate many standard logistics operations:

  • Acceptance of goods
  • Completion of order according to a bill of lading
  • Placement in  a shopping hall/warehouse accounting
  • Conducting of inventory
  • Reevaluation
  • Price control
  • Relabeling

Our portable data terminals to be delivered come with CITYSOFTWarehouseWin software.

For more information about automation solutions and our experience, please contact us via e-mail: automation(at)