Label printer (thermal or thermal transfer label printer) - this is equipment for automation, which has been developed with  purpose of product marking. With a help of label printer information, images and bar codes are transferred to paper, paperboard, synthetic and  fabric materials. Thus, label printers become an integral part of sales automation process.
Depending on type of printing label printers can be divided into two types: thermo  and thermal transfer. When using thermo printing paper under  heat influence remains darker. Thermal printers are compact, comfortable and have a high productivity and low weight. Thermal transfer printers are specially designed for intense work and have an ability to print large quantities of labels.
Thermal and thermal transfer  printers are used everywhere where there is a need for fast, accurate and fail-safe marking of goods (warehousing, manufacturing, retail).

We recommend using printers from the following manufacturers:


Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd (TSC) was established in 1979. Since then it has been recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of semiconductor products. In 1992, TSC launched a new product line – bar code printers. Today TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of bar code printers guaranteeing quality products and competitive prices.


Zebra Technologies – a leading company developing state-of-the-art technological solutions related to the equipment like label and price label printers, as well as plastic card printers. Zebra printers help to improve the quality of warehouse and delivery systems, as well as improve safety systems.


Printronix — the foremost supplier of line matrix printers for over three decades — delivers everything you need to solve your industrial printing challenges.

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