POS keyboard

POS Peripherals – those are buyer and the cashier displays, programmable keyboards, cash boxes, magnetic card readers, which are widely used in processes such as commerce and store automation. The correct choice of POS peripherals allows to speed up customer service and cashiers work, reduce errors and time to search and other operations, optimize cashiers working place.

We offer PrehKeyTec products. PrehKeyTec is a leading manufacturer of POS periphery solutions, including programmable keyboard and touch screen monitors. PrehKeyTec develops and offers innovative products and broadens functionality of their existing product range. PrehKeyTec is a leading company manufacturing programmable keyboards.

PrehKeyTec means guaranteed European quality – production unit and components manufactured in Germany and two-year warranty.  

Unique patented manufacturing technology guarantees longer service life and, in comparison to competitors, excellent protection against moisture and dust.

  • High reliability
  • Wide range of options
  • Possibility to personalize (you may create your own unique design)
  • Universal

With all these distinctions PrehKeyTec also offers compatible prices. Many companies all over the world are already using PrehKeyTec products in their daily work in areas like retail networks, hardware shops, warehouses, production units, banks, hotels and restaurants, lease and hire networks, personalized accounting and access systems, as well as airports.

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